Keith Jarrett, Tokyo, 5 may 2012

Thanks to john, great review

Great Concert in Tokyo last night.

First set had 6 improvisations 

1. A Rhythmic exposition similar to Rio pt 1/Carnegie pt 1.

2. A piece that was very soft and beautiful, had a chime feel to it at times, and really was spectacular.

3. Flamenco/Spanish into a driving bass/semitonal exploration.

4. Ballad, up tempo, middle register.

5. Deconstructed Bebop, EXTREME 2 hand unison soloing, with bass flourishes.

6. Blues, but not the typical style. Quite unique. 

Second Set

7. Pentatonic Explorations

8. A piece that really demonstrated the sonic capabilities of the Steinway. Very multi tonal, lots of pedal flourishes.

-awkward applause, is he done? –

Keith makes a gesture that he was undecided whether or not he was done. then looks at the audience, smiles, and says ‘energy.’

9. Deconstructed blues, very heavy in the lower register of the piano, very rhythmic, one of my favorites.

10. Another ballad, but more slow and touching.

11. Piece de resistance. Searches for a minute, plays the inner working of the piano, then decides on an octave repetition between bass and melody that he builds into what I thought was the best piece of the night.


12. It’s a lonesome old town

13. Carolina Shout.

14. Another Improvisation that had me confused. It seemed like it was a song that i wasn’t familiar with. I guess it is a song now. 

The audience was fabulous, you could hear every nuance of the Piano because of the concerted effort of a sold out crowd to create a wonderful environment for music.